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La Tur 

La Tur is one of my all time favorites!  A creamy, dreamy cheese that you can eat with a spoon "the ice cream of cheese", is impeccable.  Equal parts sheep, cow, and goat's milk, this cheese offers complexity while showcasing the best of all worlds.  Try this with the Conundrum White Blend or perhaps a sparkling demi-sec.

Sage Derby 

Herbacious and creamy with a kick!  Wonderfully paired with a Sauvignon Blanc, preferably one from the Napa Valley with notes of grassiness to enhance the lovely sage. 

Oro Italiano

Known as "Italian Gold", this cheese combines two of the world's riches, black truffles and saffron.  A cow's milk cheese from Italy's Veneto region, this cheese paired lovely with a Pinot Noir like Carmel Road from Monterrey or the Jules Taylor from New Zealand.

Midnight Moon

A goat's milk gouda-style cheese, made in Holland for Cypress Grove Creamery.  Aged over a year, this is not your traditional goat's milk cheese.  It is slightly crunchy and sharp, with a silky finish.  I paired this with the Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, and it was a perfect fit both texturally and in flavor profile.



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